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Exploring the Heart of Belly Dance All the videos
Belly Dance History Some background on Belly Dance
Belly Dance Props Canes, and candelabras, and more
Belly Dance Resources Trustworthy and reliable sources for belly dance related information
Belly Dance Styles Short descriptions of styles
Belly Dance Terminology What a range of belly dance words mean
Myth Busters Looking at the truth behind common belly dance myths
Tangential Topics Useful background - but not belly dance

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Learning Belly Dance from Scratch - part 3
Learning Belly Dance from Scratch - part 4
Sunday, 28 January
Sunday, 4 February

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Learning Belly Dance from Scratch - part 2 Once you have a teacher - what else? Physical work.
Learning Belly Dance from Scratch - part 1 How to select a belly dance teacher.
Raqs Sham`adan Part 2 - Belly Dancing with a Candelabra Considerations when dancing with a candelabra.
Raqs Sham`adan Part 1 - Its History A short history of dancing with a candelabra
Arabic Ba, Ta, Tha How the form of the Arabic letters ba, ta, and tha change depending on where they are in the word
What is a "Mejence"? Its purpose and typical form
Belly Dancers, Strippers, and Prostitutes (part 2) Historical attitudes to belly dancers in the west
Belly Dancers, Strippers, and Prostitutes (part 1) Attitudes to belly dancers in the Middle East
Counting (and Writing) 1-10 in Arabic 1-10 in Arabic
Belly Dance Practice Ideas about what to do when you practice belly dance
Belly Dance and Reda More about the style and connections with belly dance
What is Reda Dance? Quick history of the Reda's Troupe's beginnings
Arabic script - part 1 Overview of writing Arabic script
Canes and Raqs `Asayah Selecting a cane and basic moves
Raqs `Asayah - Cane Dance What is raqs `asaya (aka raqs assaya)?
Egyptian Obsession - Ballet Russes to Art Deco* 1900-1940 - Ballet Russes, Cleopatra wannabes, King Tut, Art Deco
Belly Dance "Hafla"* What can you expect at a "hafla"..
Is Belly Dance from India?* Examining the "from India" myth.
Basic Belly Dance Posture* Tips on bellydance posture.
`Awalim and Ghawazi* How the terms `awalim and ghawazi (ghawazee) have changed over time.
What's Khaleegi dance? What the term "khaleegi" means and some characteristics of khaleegi dance
World Fairs and Middle Eastern Dance Examples of MED (including "belly dance") in the early World Fairs
Walk like an Egyptian The origins of pharaonic dance and its (non) relationship to belly dance
The belly in belly dance Do you need to bare your belly? What movements, if any, use the belly.
Belly terminology Belly versus abs and stomach. Plus "skeletal" versus "muscular" movement generation
Sha`bi and the Belly Dancer What sha`bi means and its links with belly dance and Egyptian music.
7 Top Reliable Belly Dance Sources A quick revision of the 7 top sources for reliable and trustworthy information on belly dance.
What's a "reliable" or "trustworthy" source? Looking at how to decide if a source is reliable.
Taqsim - what is it? What a taqsim is and how it is used in belly dance.
Belly Dance and Older Women Dancing as an older woman: advantages, disadvantages, adaptions, and considerations
Mata Hari was a Belly Dancer? A short history of Mata Hari
Millayah Laf Tableau - Dos and Don'ts Creating your own milaya lef tableau
Millayah Laf - what is it? Short history of the milaya lef and dance
7 Reliable Documentaries for Belly Dancers Some docomentaries that are educational, factual, and interesting.
Where is the "Middle East" exactly? Exploring the range of the term in time and space.
What's Sa`idi? A quick overview of sa`idi" dance - where it is from, some characteristic movements, and costuming.
By Women for Women - Really? Does the 1970s mantra that belly dance is "by women, for women" actually stack up?
Beledi, Baladi or Balady? Is there a accepted transliteration? Should it be "beledi" or "baladi" - or even "balady"? And why?
Urban Beledi Styles A brief overview of the characteristics of raqs beledi (sometimes referred to as "Urban Beledi") - movement vocabulary, music and costume.
What's Beledi? Looking at what the word means and an overview of the style
Salomé and the "Dance of the 7 Veils" Another one in teh Myth Busting series - about the first time the Dance of the Seven Veils was performed
7 ways a Belly Dancer moves An introduction to seven underlying movement types that form the Belly Dance movement vocabulary.
Danse du Ventre - and other names for Belly Dance "Danse du ventre" is one of the earliest names Europeans gave "Belly dance". This explores where it came from and pulls in 19 other names for our dance.
4 Reliable Belly Dance books reliable and accessible books worth buying to extend your belly dance knowledge
"Raqs" or "Raks"? Why one way of spelling the Arabic word for "dance" is better than the other.
Did Little Egypt bring Belly Dance to the West? an often repeated myth on the internet. Here's the facts about Little Egypt.
5 Reliable Online Sources for Belly Dance Information a start if you want to do some of your own research for free - at home.
Is "Belly Dance" the same as "Middle Eastern Dance"? particularly relevant with the MEDANZ Festival this month.
What's "Oriental Dance" (in the belly dance world)? as with the video on raqs sharqi, a term you should be familiar with.
Where did the term "Belly Dance" come from? not where the dance comes from - just the term
Is the term "Belly Dance" the same as "Raqs Sharqi"? if you have never heard of the term "raqs sharqi" this is a must read; if you use it normally rather than "belly dance" this may give you pause.
7 Optional Elements of Belly Dance Every belly dance performance should include most of these elements
4 Cardinal Characteristics of Belly Dance What every belly dance performance should include
Exploring the Heart of Belly Dance An introduction to me and the channel's aims.

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