Tunics with Sleeves

A common style of garment is to add sleeves to the basic pullover tunic (The Arabic kamma - to provide with sleeves is the basis of the word kamis/gamis.) At its simplest, large rectangular sleeves are added to the tunic and the side left partially open. However rectangular or triangular pieces can be added to allow movement and modesty.

Examples include the jellabah/djellabia (Maghrib), jubbeh (Syria), gallibaya (Egypt), dishdasha (Algeria), the thobe (Arabian Peninsula, Bedouin) and the shawal or thobe (Palestine).

Tilke, Parker, Kennet, Anawalt

thobe, Algeria 1967.
Very loose thobe
Algeria (1967)
berbers 1910.
Hooded Berbers in jellabia
Morocco (1910)
jellabia, algeria 1958.
Jellabia with hood
back Algeria (1958)
gallibaya, Egypt 1970.
Egypt (1970)
sebleh, Egypt 1970.
Egypt (1970)
palestine thobe 1926.
Palestine (1926)
Oman, 1956.
Girls in thobes
Oman (1956)

Big Sleeves

Sometimes the sleeve is exaggerated. Big sleeves can be used as pockets for storing items, as veils for women, or simply to show the wear has no need (or ability) to perform manual labour.
bedouin big thobe 1937.
Bedouin big thobes. The sleeve can be used
as a veil and the skirt is hitched up to
create three layers for warmth. (1937)
Yemen 1952.
Festive sleeves show this is not a work
garment. Also note jambiya (curved knife)
Yemen (1952)

Gallibaya - Egypt

The gallibaya has triangular inserts and narrow sleeves.

Gamis or Kamis - Egypt

A wide sleeved gallibaya worn by Fellahin. Tilke alos identifies an eri as a woollen version with wide sleeves. Tilke

Djellabia - Morocco

In addition to the sleeves a simple hood is added

Farasia - Morocco

With buttons and wide sleeves, the farasia is often belted and made of very light fabric. Tilke
khaleegi thobe.

Thobe - Arabic Gulf

A range loose women's overgarments. One example is the thobe al-na`ish which is ornately decorated thobe worn by women for the "hair tossing" dance. (Here are instructions for making a stage version)

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