Shira's Take on Sources

As the original Bhuz thread was in 2004 (thread 5238 1/9/04) - it is long gone. Here is what Shira had to say then:

I'll preface my list with how I decide which books seem credible to me versus which don't:

So, what makes Looking for Little Egypt "good" in my opinion is that Donna tells you exactly where she went for information (vintage brochures advertising the fair, archives of newspaper stories from that time, Sol Bloom's autobiography, etc.), what it contained, and what it DIDN'T contain (ie, no mention of someone performing at the fair named Little Egypt). Even more impressive, she does this in a way that's interesting to read instead of dry. And here are the books I find most credible based on the criteria I described above: Books that seem credible on the surface but I don't fully trust: Books whose dance history just doesn't feel credible to me:

So anyway, there are my thoughts. If anyone would care to disagree with the opinions I've stated by telling me why my criteria are wrong or why you think I've inappropriately attacked a book that YOU think meets my criteria, I'm happy to learn from what someone else can teach me!

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