Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu)  

Carolina Varga Dinicu was born in Romania while her parents were trying to help relatives escape the Nazis. It was five years before the family could return to New York. She was a teenager before she discovered that her family were Rom. She studied flamenco and became a "belly dancer" by accident in 1960.
Named "Morocco" from her first gig, her curiosity took her to watch Moroccan dance first in New York and later "other there". Morocco’s interest is dance ethnology took hold and she has documented a range of dance in North Africa and the Near East. Today she is a widely respected researcher as well as dancer and teacher.
Her on-line personality (especial on the MED List) is Aunty Rocky. Aunty Rocky is always willing to share her wide experience – but she does not suffer fools gladly. (And be warned don’t use the b-word with her to describe the dance.) Not only has she provided Habibi with numerous articles, she was featured in it in 2004.
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