Nagwa Fouad  

 Nagwa Foud
Awatef Mohammed El Agamy was born in Alexandria to a Palestinian mother. Her family moved back to Palestine only to be driven back to Alexandria when violence destroyed their home in Jaffa in 1948. Later Nagwa was to move to Cairo with her step-mother and by the time she was 15 Nagwa was a paid nightclub dancer. Later she was to train at the Nelly Mazloum Dance School and the National Dance Troupe.
Nagwaís stage show is supported by a folk trained ensemble and her style tends to be theatrical. She enjoys acting and she makes good use of showmanship. She has also acted in over 100 films and danced in more than 250. She stopped her regular lavish public shows in 1992, but still occasionally performs on special occasions.

Habibi Vol 18 No 3 (2001).


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