Always warm-up before dancing. This prepares your body - and your mind. If you warm up you decrease the chance of injury and increase your ability to learn.

A good warm-up should start with CV work. Get your heart and lungs working. I usually start with some brisk walking raising the arms above the heart. In time with some music is nice!

Next mobilize the major muscles in your body. As the muscles are warmed up then you can mobilize the joints. I tend to work from head to foot. (Remember with the neck: lateral movements only to start with - that is side to side, front back, - before attempting any rotations).

Next I tend put in any dance drills - such as isolation work.

Then the dancing.

"Where are the stretches?" I hear you ask. At the end in the Cool Down - or at least after the Warm Up. Stretching is not a Warm Up. (For information on what stretching is try this).

If your teacher does not provide a good warm-up and you are young and active you may not damage yourself - but you won't perform as well as you could. In this situation if there is no time or interest for a class warm-up you can do your own before class. However, this should not interfere with any other classes. (This was expected procedure when I was learning jazz dance - class time was precious and anyone past beginner level was expected to take responsibility for their own warm-up.)

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