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Not everything I write ends up on this site. I also have my blog which I occasionally update. Most of what I write has no best by date. Here is a list of what is out there:

Belly Dance Thoughts
dancers, workshops, life
Belly Dance Practice
technique and approach
Dance Terminology
what words mean
incl Christchurch Earthquakes
A Calorie is a Calorie? 14/1/17
Giving a Soloist Her Due 16/7/13
Becoming Fifi 28/3/13
Dance Teachers and Knowledge of Anatomy 18/9/12
Reaching the Belly Dance Market 30/1/12
Belly Dance - Anyone can Do It 10/8/11
Past Beginner - Beginning to Perform 28/7/11
Teaching Insights from Workshops with Momo Kadous 14/7/11
When a Belly Dancer isn't Belly Dancing 11/5/11
Value of Workshops 16/7/10
Bouncing Breasts as a Turn Off 16/6/10
Belly Dance Hens Nights 10/1/10
Belly Dance for Mental Agility 17/9/09
So, Who's Writing on the Net? 18/7/09
What is this "Belly Raqs" thing? 20/5/09
How to Shimmy 12/11/12
Thinking About Stretching 20/9/11
Choreography vs Improvisation 13/1/11
Challenging Yourself 25/2/10
What Are Basics? 11/7/09
Oriental or Orientale 23/4/14
Characteristic of Belly Dance? 6/12/12
Shimmies Defined 28/10/12
Misnomers 22/9/11
Going Digital 15/5/14
The New Normal and Dance Classes 20/2/13
Monday 13 June - Earthquakes Again! 14/6/11
Reflections Five Weeks After the Earthquake 29/3/11
Communication is the Key 29/1/11

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