Matter of Opinion

Miss Elizabeth Sutton introduced me to "Letters to the Editor" at the tender age of 11. From there it was all down hill.

Many of the following have been published in the MEDANZ newsletter or are based on my contributions to the MED List. The Souher Zaki piece was both.

On the whole these are opinion pieces - but in most cases based on experience or research. Since writing I may have changed my mind. It does happen - very occasionally.

This section also includes "book reviews" on books related in some way to "belly dance". Some are very short; some include interesting information gleaned from the books. Except where otherwise noted, all are my opinions. You are welcome to disagree.

I hope this collection will make you think - or laugh - or both.

From 2011 I am also republishing the short articles from my newsletter:

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These are the most recent archived newsletters:

In addition - there is also my blog which I occasionally update. Most of these don't have a best by date - so I maintain an index on this site.

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