Kashmir's Credentials

I have studied with a range of teachers since 1991 - including Denise Enan, Aida Nour, Dr Mo Geddawi and Yousry Sharif.

I have achieved the Certificate in Dance Teaching from QUT - in addition to being a trained secondary teacher (and engineer).

OK - if you want the nitty gritty. Here it is:

Dance Study

Mohamed Kazafy, Cairo

Sydney 2008 - (Farha Tour) workshop

Randa Kamel, Cairo

Sydney 2008 - (Farha Tour) workshop

Yasmina, Cairo

Sydney 2008 - (Farha Tour) workshops

Belyssa, Perth

Sydney 2008 (Farha Tour), lecture
Auckland 2003 (2 days)
Sydney Festival (various 2-3 hour workshops)

Amera, Sydney

Christchurch 2008 (2 days)
Auckland/Tauranga 2006 (4 days)

Denise Enan, Ottawa (ex Egypt)

Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2008 (8 days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2005 (8 days)
Oasis NZ 2004 (5 half days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 1998 (8 days)

Tanya, Tauranga

Christchurch Workshop 2008 (2 days)

Aida Nour, Egypt

Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2007 (8 days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2004 (6 days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2002 (8 days)

Caroline Evanoff, Cairo/Australia

Christchurch 2007 (2 days)

Dr Mo Geddawi, Berlin (ex Egypt)

Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2006 (8 days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2003 (4 days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 1999 (8 days)

Cassandra, Minneapolis

Oasis NZ 2004 (5 half days)
New Zealand Tour 1997 (5 days) & private lessons

Casual classes 1996

Yousry Sharif, NY (ex Egypt)

Sistrum Winter WarmUp 2000 (8 days)
Sistrum Winter WarmUp 1997 (8 days)

Elenie, Gold Coast

Christchurch Workshop 1999 (3 days)

Study from video, casual classes & private lessons

Shareen el Safy

New Zealand Tour 1998 (6 days)

Study from videos & private lessons

Shamira, Adelaide

Christchurch Workshop 1997 (2 days)

Raqia Hassan, Cairo

Minneapolis Workshop 1996 (1 day)

Study from video

Vashti of Vashon, Bint al Waha

Classes 1996

Hadia, Calgary

Christchurch Workshop 1995 (2 days)

Aisha Ali

Wellington Workshop 1993 (2 days)

Leonie, Sydney

Christchurch Workshop 2002 (1 day)

Various (2-3 hour workshops)
including Amera, Azziza, Belyssa, Desiree, Elenie, Gina, Judith Lees, Leonie, Lyndall, Margot McManus, Saffire, Terezka

Sydney Festival 1995, 1996, 1999

Various (1-2 hour workshops)
including Azziza, Fatina, Gendi, Paivi, Sahara, Shamira, Suher, Tanya, Yasmina

MEDANZ Festival 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006

Azziza, Brisbane

Casual classes & private lessons

Bairbre Aston, Sydney

Casual classes

Gendi, Christchurch

Classes & private lessons 1996-1999

Farida, Christchurch

Classes 1991, 1993-1997

Dance Corporate, Christchurch

Classes in Jazz dance, modern, contemporary 1979-1987

Safe Dance Practice


Achieved high distinction in Safe Dance Practices unit with QUT


Workshops, lectures, hand-on and private consultations with Michael Dalgleish (APA Sports Physiotherapist (BHMS, BAppSci(Phty), MPhtySt(Sports)), and Mark Shoring, Brisbane. (5-12 hours per year)

Teaching Background

2006, 1999-2004

Teaching workshops at MEDANZ Festival


awarded Certificate in Dance Teaching (Queensland University of Technology)


Independent studio (Middle Eastern) Belly Dance with Kashmir


Teaching at the School of Contemporary Belly Dance


High School teaching including extra-curricula classes in jazz dance

Mundane Education Highlights


Certificate in Horticulture (CPIT)


Various BA papers - including sociology, philosophy, religious studies (University of Canterbury)


awarded Diploma in Teaching


gained Teachers College Diploma with Distinction (Christchurch Teachers College)


BE (electrical) (University of Canterbury)


2007, 2001-2002

Arabic for Beginners (University of Canterbury)

2003, 1998-2002

MEDANZ committee (President from 1999-2001)


Researcher and presenter for BellyBeat radio program


Studying for Certificate in Dance Teaching (QUT)


Student at Christchurch Drama Centre


Web-mistress, researcher and copy writer for Raqs with Kashmir


MEDANZ web-mistress


Founding member of Kamar

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