Dance Classes - Egypt 2009


Nubian class.
Nubian class in Yasmina's studio
There were two group classes - one with Amani (of Egypt - not the Lebanese dancer) dressed in a shocking pink miniskirt and high heels. Another with two Nubian dancers and a live Nubian band. I missed much of Amani's class due to illness but was back on board for the Nubian. First the guys demonstrated by just dancing but then they broke down some of the steps with a loose, fluid grace. It appears deceptively easy.

I also had a couple of privates with Yasmina - who is a fantastic teacher. Other people on the tour also had privates with her (and possible someone else) and some had a class with Aida Nour.

In addition to the physical dance classes, Yasmina also gave an interesting lecture on the development of Egyptian raqs sharqi since the time of Badia.

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