Kashmir's Trip to Egypt 2009


Group at citadel.
Group at citadel - Jess, Karen, Koby, Helen, Judith
seated: Amy, Jo
In October 2009 I joined seven Australian dancers for a 12-day trip to Egypt. This was organized by Amera Eid of Amera's Palace fame with support of Yasmina of Cairo. Unlike my last trip (in 2003) this one concentrated in Cairo and was very heavy on dance related activities with less general tourist stuff.

We watched dancers, we took dance classes - and of course we shopped for costumes.

And actually we did fit other things in there. Here's a summary of the non-dance activities - some tourist and some getting a feel of Cairo. Unlike the dance photos, these are just thumbnails.

I've also included a page on impressions of Cairo. It doesn't do it justice. But it is a start.

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