Animal/tribal Futuristic Elemental Fusion Bellydance

I would like to apply for a performance slot at your inaugural Tassie Med festival this year. My style is an "Animal/tribal futuristic elemental fusion bellydance" ( copyright pending)

I anticipate the piece will last 10 mins or so...but with animals you have to be flexible & allow for small mishaps!

I have several snakes which I have tastefully decorated with flashing Led lights which will entwine my body as I slowly taqsim.

I have trained 2 small dogs which play drums with there little paws during the tabla solo & who also fetch my cane for the saiidi part.

I also have several trained white doves that I dye in different colours depending on the occasion, (of course) which are incorporated into my costume (I used to have quite a lot but sometimes they fly too close to my fire headpiece & needless to say they are a tad flammable, with the spray painted feathers etc)

For the grand finale, the birds fly away.. revealing my ..........well lets leave something to whet the appetite ....

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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