Troupe Games

Your troupe is opening a show, you:
a: Arrive in time with all your costume and props plus safety pins and touch up make up

b: Arrive extra early with copies of the music in case the troupe leader forgets and offer to touch up everyone's makeup

c: Arrive just in time with a different colored costume to the rest of the troupe because it suits you better

Your troupe is having a break over Christmas, you
a: Work on your own technique and spend some time on some solo projects.

b: Arrange duet practices with the rest of the troupe, sign up for Arabic language classes, and take up drumming

c: Lie in bed, eating chocolates, reading harem fantasies, and practicing hip work in a horizontal position

You decide the troupe is going in a different direction from where you want to be, you
a: Explain the problem and give notice of your resignation

b: Say nothing because you don't want to hurt their feelings, but miss most of the practices and find reasons why you cannot perform at gigs

c: Say nothing but feel out possible like minded dancers in the troupe for one of your own then set up in opposition using the old troupe's choreographies

Another troupe member has a great music collection, you:
a: Ask where she got her music so you can buy some too

b: Refuse to accept a copy of your favourite piece because you know that copying is illegal and don't buy a copy either because it is her music and no-one else should dance with it

c: Find an excuse to spend time in her house alone so you can copy as much as you can

Another troupe member offers to loan you a teaching video to help with a new style, you
a: Keep it for the agreed time, work on the moves, and return it

b: Take it but don't use it as you are really too busy and it looks too hard any way

c: Keep it for a few extra weeks so you can get it copied.

Another troupe member is having trouble getting her costume ready on time, you:
a: Give her the name of a good dressmaker

b: Offer to finish it yourself even though you are pushed to complete your own costume

c: Say nothing because that way you will look so much better than she will

You are teaching the troupe a new choreography, you:
a: Break down any unfamiliar moves, drill the troupe, correct the most blatant problems first, then polish up the differences in style/interpretation between members

b: Feel embarrassed that you know something the others don't so don't push it too far - like correcting mistakes - after all maybe their way is better.

c: Teach the steps but put down anyone who hasn't seen them before; don't worry too much about timing - after all they are meant to be dancers - and add a few fancy flourishes in your own performance on the day.

Your troupe has organized a show but has refused to give you star billing, you:
a: Realistically appraise your position and decide either to work harder to get the skill and presence you need or, if it seems unreasonable, leave.

b: Fume but perform even though you haven't put in much practice - because that's all they expect don't they.

c: Have a grandmother die on the day of the performance - that will teach them - then organize your own show with people who recognize your talent.

When it comes to workshops, you:
a: Evaluate what is being offered and how much you can afford in terms of time and money, and go to as many as is feasible

b: Sign up to everything that is going

c: Don't bother to go - someone else is sure to have gone and will teach you what they learnt

How did you do?

January 2001

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