Illi Sharti Einuh Bitgannin
(That One, His Eyes Drive Me Crazy)

Sahar Hamdi

Not a song for a family party – as the following excerpts from the song show.
(The song was/is banned – but available - in the Middle East; in the west it was available on Yalla HitList)

Ishi ishi el helwa labis mish mish
wa ishi ishi il badr minuh yiktishi
wa ishi ishi ‘arussetna labsa mishmish
la iktishi kida yiktishi

The seductive one is dressed in peach
The moon would shy away from her beauty,
The seductive one, our bride is dressed in peach
Behave yourself!
Behave yourself! (implying – don’t touch me there)
...snip ...

ta’abti albi ya ghazal
yigri yemeen, tigi shimmel
ta’abtini ya mo’tab
yigri yemeen , tigi shimmel
You’ve exhausted my heart, my gazelle
I come from the left, you come from the right
You have exhausted me you exhausting one
I come from the left you come from the right
(Woman; breathless:)
Alla mehlak, habini all mehlak
ana zayak 'eini betindahlak
ala mehlak habini ala mehlak
ana zayak rohi betindahlak
ana raysa wa a'mel nasya
lakin bos 'aini betindahlak
'ahla mehlak suk alla mehlak
stop, stop, stop, stop farmel
I'm like you, my eye is calling you
go slowly, love me slowly
I'm certain yet feign forgetfulness
but look, my eye is calling you
go slowly, drive slowly
stop, stop, stop, brakes!
(Woman; beledi style:)
ala meen ya ibni betel'ab
ala meen hata'mel mashakel
ala meen ya habibi hatilab
wa ma'meen hata'mel mashakal
ma ehna bardu benel'ab
alla el 'okla wa ala el shanagel
With whom are you playing little boy
with whom will you make trouble
with whom my love will you play
and with whom will you make trouble
we also play games (on knots and hoops)
ya roh mama Go home to mama

Source:Cassandra Lorius

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