by Hakim

-What? Why? Who? Yes! Him again?

-I'm just.. I mean.. it's just.. he* tormented me..easily
sold me and if he lost me what am I to do?..

-Are we going to repeat it again? With his hands (his doing) into wounds, he tossed me....
And when he called me, what am I to say to him?..

-We are spoiling him, oh Yaho,
and pleasing him, oh Yaho,
and no one but us could fill his eye, oh Yaho,

-He makes mistakes and I make up for him... oh Yaho,
and I'm tired of forgiving him..... oh Yaho,
from the bitterness of his wound I said ...
yaho...yaho yaho.

-Although he made me mad at him, but my soul is for him,
It's that my eyes missed him and am dying for him..(repeat)

-If he came to you you'll tell without saying...
in front of his eyes desire is in a state...
and I seriously ask with a hundred telephone calls...

-We're spoiling him.... oh Yaho,
and pleasing him... oh Yaho,
and no one but us can fill his eye.... oh Yaho!

-The brain went nuts while he's away, and I never
lived up to his suspicions and betrayed him..(repeat)

-Me love anyone else? Impossible! ...
the desire that drives you crazy,
his heat is like a ghazala (repeat).
I'm near screaming.... Yaho..

-I'm just..I mean..it's just..he tormented me..easily
sold me and if he lost me what am I to do?..

*In Arabic culture, because it is considered improper to make direct reference to a woman publicly, the singers will often say "he", instead of "she". It is understood that the subject of the song is female.

Yaho = Oh people help or witness my misery kind of thing.

Yoh = exclamation of a person running out of patience..

Source: Tarik Sultan via MED List

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