Hip Scarves

The one essential part of a belly dancer's costume is something to emphasise the movement of the hips. Originally this was a plain length of fabric - a scarf or shawl. From the 1920s professional belly dancers started to add fitted hip belts. In the 1970s several teachers from the USA combined the two concepts and came up with the tied hip scarf decorated with a mix of beads, sequins, paillettes and fake coins.

These can be a great gift for the bride to be*.

Kashmir has a number for sale.

A: Triangular with crocheted beaded fringe.
170cm long by 75cm deep
Yellow, Red, Black

B: Fitted velvet (with elastic)
Stretches to 166cm long by 28cm deep.
red & silver; black & gold; green & silver

C: Rectangular with sequins on netting
162cm long by 34cm deep
Black netting with gold or red sequins

D: Light fabric edged with coins
154cm long by 58cm deep
Purple with silver or gold coins

E: Triangular with silver coins
144cm long by 45cm deep
Orange or red

F: White or brown with gold coins
140cm long by 26cm deep
White or brown (no black)

G: Gold beads and gold coins
140cm long by 26cm deep
Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow (no red)

Please allow to enough fabric left over after wrapping aroung the hips to tie.
Allow at least 30cm.
Alternatively fabric can be sewn into the scarf to tie it.

Prices do not include postage

A-E are made in Egypt. F & G are made in China.

Contact Kashmir if you would like to buy one of these belly dance scarves

* Please check before buying one to use in class. Generally only silent belts are acceptable. For performance, usually a fitted belt is more appropriate.

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