What is ‘Belly Dance’ anyway?


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Questions for Kashmir

Do you need to show your belly?
But you do have to have a belly?
Why is it called belly dance?
But I heard "belly dance" is a translation of the French "danse du ventre"...
I read it was a corruption of "balady dance"...

Further Information

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Carlton, Donna, Looking For Little Egypt, IDD Books
Nieuwkerk, K (1997) 'A Trade like Any Other' Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt, Austin, TX: University of Texas Press

Shira's Debunking Page - jewels in the navel, dance of seduction, dance of the seven veils and lots more
Karin van Nieuwkerk updates some finding from 'A Trade like Any Other' in An hour for God and an hour for the Heart
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Zanny's favourite costumes
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Flaming melon bedlah - click to enlarge early Ghawazee - click to enlarge
Bedleh for sale in Sydney Some examples from Amera's Palace from Egypt and Lebanon


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