Belly Dance and the Body


  teacher, performer, and Physiotherapist
Pregnancy and the dance Perfumed Palace
  dancer and fabric embellisher
Talking Costumes
- beading part 1, the design

Questions for Kashmir

Will belly dance make me fit?
Do you actually use your belly in a belly dance?
"I loved your page on potentially dangerous moves - unfortunately, I think my last MED teacher used it for an outline for our warm-up. And warming down consisted of changing our clothes after class. What would you suggest for a safer warm-up?"

Further Information

Fitness related
Potentially Dangerous Moves - summarized by Kashmir www.raqs.co.nz/safedance/danger.html
Warm-ups - by Kashmir www.raqs.co.nz/safedance/warmups.html
Safe Dance Practice - Kashmir's notes including a glossary of terms and further links www.raqs.co.nz/safedance/
Pregnancy related
Lorelle's article Belly Dancing and Pregnancy
Kashmir's notes
- and links
Costume Related
Variety of beads and sequins

Left - different size paillettes (pie-ettes) - flat with single hole
Middle - sequins in various shapes - some 3D eg cupped
above - single row of sequins on a running thread, bottom right - stretch sequins (both bought by the metre)
Right - beads. Rod shaped ones are bugle beads. Can be bought in packets (expensive), or by weight or on a hank (top right)

Beads etc  - click to enlarge


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