Belly Dance in Christchurch #1


  teacher and performer
Christchurch scene www.bellydance.co.nz
  teacher and performer
Talking Costumes
- beginner's costume

Questions for Kashmir

How do I go about getting some finger cymbals?
I've got my zills, how to I learn to dance with them?

Further Information

Zill Related
Zills - Beginners Miramar's Finger Cymbals
Zills - Practice Patterns Alyne's Practice Patterns
Zills - a summary from the Med-dance mailinglist posts on zills
Zills - more resources (books, videos, online info) Yasmina's links
DanceArt (to buy zills etc) DanceArt@ihug.co.nz
Other vendors Kashmir's vendor links
Costume Related
Beginner's costumes
as seen by other teachers
Mystique Bellydance Academy of Perth, Western Australia Skirt, belt, pants, kaftan

Shira's student costume Midriff-Baring Blouse, Stretch-Sequin Hip Belt, Pantaloons

Teachers & performers in Chch see Links
Information on Naima Akef by Hossam Ramzy Stars of Egypt


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