(Egypt 2003)

A group of belly dancers go to Egypt - well did we see any dancing?

Yes, we saw quite a variety. As a group, we saw four separate shows each with belly dancers and a tanoura dancer. We also had Carolyn and Yasmina dance for us. In Asswan, we got to see some Nubian dance. And some were lucky enough to get to see Lucy in Cairo.

Here are some shots of dancers.

The Pharohs - a restaurant in a boat on the Nile in Cairo.

Maria is up dancing. Raqia Hassan and Aida Nour are seated at the table.

Below - Tanoura.

Bopping with the pre-dancer band - click to enlarge  The Belly Dancer - click to enlarge  Neil with the dancer - click to enlarge
Tanoura - manipulating objects while spinning - click to enlarge Tanoura - moving about the room - click to enlarge Tanoura - 3 triangles - click to enlarge
Les Memphis - another restaurant in a boat on the Nile in Cairo.

This dancer made the mistake of wanting to prove how much better she could dance than the audience. She couldn't.

The Belly Dancer - click to enlarge  
With the help of Caroline four of the group went to see Lucy. They say it was well worth doing without sleep for two days (they returned from the show just before we checked out of our hotel for a day's sightseeing before travelling on to Luxor.) Lucy - click to enlarge   Lucy - click to enlarge   Caroline and Lucy - click to enlarge
There were also informal partying. The group danced most nights on the Carnival. There was also dancing for birthdays and other celebrations with the crew.

At the Aswan Moon there was a chance for some social dancing - local style.

Waiters & chefs sing happy birthday - click to enlarge Social dancing at Aswan Moon - click to enlarge

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