Egyptian Museum

There are over 100 000 items in the museum (according to the Lonely Planet). This means it would take nine months to see everything if you spent a minute on each exhibit.

We had only a couple of hours. Here is a very small sampling of what we saw.

The most popular rooms are the galleries containing treasures from King Tutankhamun's tomb . Tutankhamun was the "boy king" of the 18th dynasty (1336-1327 BCE). He became king aged about nine years old and died before he was 20.
His treasures were found not in the pyramids as is commonly assumed but in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor.

Left is the famous death mask - all 11kg of it!

It is made of gold, lapis-lazuli, feldspar, and quartz.

Front and back views of Tutankhamun's death mask - click to enlarge

This is just one of many beautiful necklaces on display.



Anubis is the god associated with death and embalming. In many tombs you can see a jackel headed god assisting with the mumification.

The craved jackal on the chest is partly gilded, the eyes are alabaster and obsidian and the claws silver.

There are exhibits much older than Tutankhamun. For instance, the Old Kingdom is dated 2686-2181 BCE.
Sheik-el-Beled has quartz eyes and copper eyelids. This dates back to the 5th dynasty - about 2400 BCE Sheik-el-Beled

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