Mosque of Mohammed Ali

The Mosque of Mohammed Ali is one of three mosques in the Citadel complex. The Citadel was started in 1176 and was the home to Egypt's rulers for about 700 years.

Mohammed Ali demolished much of the early buildings and had them rebuilt to his specifications. Mohammed Ali (also known as Mehmet Ali), a commander in the Albanian army, dislodged the French from Egypt in 1801. Mohammed Ali founded a dynasty that ruled until the overthrow of King Faruq in 1952.

The Mosque of Mohammed Ali was built from 1830-48. Some of the exterior stones came from the Great Pyramids. An unusual feature inside the mosque is the presence of the tomb of Mohammed Ali which is contrary to Islamic tradition.

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The Mosque of Mohammed Ali dominates the skyline of the Citadel. This clock was given by King Louis-Philippe in exchange for the pharonic obelisk in the Place de la Concord. View over Islamic Cairo (Mosque/Madrassa of Sultan Hassan on right)
The interior of the mosque is very beautiful. It is still used as a mosque although women now are separated by a curtain rather than being on the mezzanine floor.

The dome is a wonderful natural amplifier.

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