How to be a good student
or Getting the best out of your teacher

by Diane James (Sekeeta)

Arrive on time. Don't expect the teacher to extend the class because you arrive late and didn't get your money's worth. If you are late, keep disruption to a minimum. (FatChance have a rule that if you are late and the door is shut, don't go in. It's rude to disrupt.)

Warm up without griping that you wanted to dance and didn't expect an exercise class. Pay attention and make an effort in class. It's not lunch break.

Try doing some practice during the week. It helps. If you never practice you'll never progress at the rate your mind expects.

Turn up regularly. Make arrangements for additional or private class if you have missed a lot, or have difficulty with a choreography.

Don't expect to dance in public. Even if you think you are wonderful after 2 weeks, you may not be. Trust your teacher.

Don't insist on wearing inappropriate clothing to class or to perform in. Check your music past your teacher. If she says it's inappropriate to dance cabaret to a men's debke, then it's inappropriate. Don't intentionally offend, culturally, because it's your right to dance to whatever you like.

Take the trouble to remember names of songs, composers. Keep a notebook.

Keep questions after class to what's necessary, bearing in mind that your teacher may have another life, or other commitments. Don't hang around too long after the class. Accept honest constructive criticism. Someone else may actually know a little more than you.

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