Finding and Selecting a Teacher

Finding a Teacher

The first problem is discovering who is teaching in your area. There are a number of approaches.
If you are lucky you will have a choice of teachers. For instance here in Christchurch we have at least 9 to choose from. So how do you choose?

Selecting a Teacher

Some teachers are good some are not so good.

Try and find a teacher who can look after your physical safety, is able and willing to teach (performing and teaching are very different skills) and can inspire you. Someone who is knowledgeable about Arabic culture and rhythms, and is still open to learning herself (ask about the latest workshops that she attended). Here's what I've done

In addition, different classes, even with the same teacher, may have a different emphasis. Some classes are primarily aimed at teaching dance technique. Some, once the basics are mastered, allow the student to choose a variety of classes - for instance a particular folk style, American Tribal, further their Oriental technique etc.

Other classes may be aimed more at dance therapy - that is a chance to meet other women and move your body.

Others may have a spiritual dimension.

Others may be primarily interested in teaching choreographies or performing.

Then there is the issue of a teacher's personal style. For a beginner, it is good to have someone you click with; who gives the type and amount of feedback you need; whose world view aligns with yours.

For a more experienced dancer this is less of an issue. If the teacher has the goods (and is willing to share them) you find a way to make the relationship work.

Shop around and see who suits you best.

Things to Avoid

There are some things you should not put up with. Your teacher should not: If this sounds like your teacher may be you need to go back to the top.

But you also have some obligations as a student. Diane James has offered these suggestions

Good luck.

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