Making and Wearing a Mandil


A mandil is the traditional pom-pom headscarf worn in Egypt until recently.
It is often worn for milâya-laff.

Making a mandil

A mandil is a triangular headscarf - usually with pompoms on the two short sides.
It needs to be big enough to tie under the hair and then tied at the front.
Often one leg is longer than the other as it is tied asymmetrically.

Pompoms can be made by winding wool around two pieces of circular card with a hole in the centre.
Once enough yarn is wound on, you cut between the card and tie.

Making a mandil Making pompoms

Wearing a mandil

Place the plain side of the mandil across your head.
Gather and twist to form a cup.
Tie the long ends under your hair at the back.
Bring them back to the front and tie on one side.
Wearing a mandil

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