Kashmir's Coffeehouse Photos

The point of a coffeehouse isn't the coffee but sitting, relaxing with friends and watching the world go by. When the Harbour Light became Kashmir's Coffeehouse for the night, people saw Kashmir and her students dancing by in a range of styles. Some of the dancers had many years experience, but some had only a few months and this was their first performance in public.

That night there were flowing veils and some bare bellies. But there was also be some light hearted dance with canes (traditional in Upper Egypt), dancers in the full flowing thobes of the Gulf, and some serious shimmying. There were be dancers in a range ages, shapes and sizes. With one thing in common - they all love this dance.

Azure's Photos

Here is a selection of Azure's photos. She has more photos on her Flickr site.
Tawila and Kesi.
Tawila and Kesi - es salaem Ďalekum
Halima and Sahar.
Halima and Sahar
Kwiz in Nubian

Khaleegi Photos by Azure

Kadija in
hand beaded silk
Kadija and Kashmir.
Kadija and Kashmir
Leonie and Sahar.
Leonie and Sahar
display their thobes
Kwiz and Kesi.
Kwiz and Kesi
toss their hair

Video Snippets

Here are the first pass for excerpts from the show.


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