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"I had a great time in your classes Kashmir. I like the way you teach and how your lesson plans were structured. I was wondering how you catered for all levels when running a drop in class."
Raewyn ( Guest student from Nelson with almost 20 year experience)

This class is currently on hold. Please contact me if you have a group that would like to give it a go.

What is Belly Dance Basics?

This course covers similar dance movements as the Introductory course. That is, it builds basic belly dance vocabulary based on traditional belly dance (raqs beledi and raqs sharqi). Where it differs is that it concentrates on the movements and dance technique, dropping the videos and lectures which fill out a student's understanding of belly dance history and culture. However, cultural information will be briefly included as appropriate.

It is also more flexible in that drop in students are able to take classes as suits their own timetable. With a layered teaching syllabus students can also take the course several times and still learn new material.

As with any dance form, improvement will depend on the amount and quality of practice. You can drop in and have a single class but progress can only really be seen after a few months.

This course is open to anyone over 13 - regardless of size, fitness or experience. However please advise of any special health conditions such as back or neck problems, pregnancy, etc.

What is in the Belly Dance Basics Course?

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Is there a more advanced course?

Students can go on to a series of Next Steps classes if they wish. These develop belly dance skills through choreography and drills.

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