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This course is designed for those with some MED/Belly Dance experience. A minimum of 10 hours of previous belly dance classes is required (for instance my Introduction to Belly Dance).

Term length varies but a 10-week term is $110 (or groups of classes may be bought) - see class pricing details

Drop in classes available sometimes for $18/lesson.

Content will depend on students in the course. Suggestions include:
Revision of Basic Technique A chance to revisit the technique taught in this course. Now you are probably fitter and more flexible something that you had difficulty with initially may now seem easier. A chance for those who have mastered the basics to polish and extend their ability.
Basic Technique combinations A chance to stretch the brain while sticking with the basics
Introduction to Zills A chance to work on playing zills while extending your basic technique
(75 minutes of zill playing initially is too much). Students need their own zills.
Not recommended for people with RSI/OUS.
Introduction to Veil Students need their own veil.
Boss Amany choreography A short upbeat choreography using basic moves
Costume Making How to go about making a basic costume of circle skirt, bra & belt, and optional pantaloons. Some sewing skill is required and access to a sewing machine.
Moving Across the Floor Walking, turns, and spins
Urban Beledi A theatrical Egyptian dance style based on the urban working class.
Click here for more information.
A range of choreographies In a range of styles including Egyptian, conempoary, veil, sa`iidi, fellahi
Improvisation Working with ideas for expressing the music without stress

As with the Introductory course the classes are small (4-8 students) which allow maximum flexibility.

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Private Tuition

Fixed courses are not for everyone. Perhaps there is something special you want to work on, perhaps you need a particular time. Private tuition may be the answer.

$60/hour for one person
$70/hour for two people
$80/hour for three people
$90/hour for four people
(travelling time will be charged if classes are not held at the South Brighton studio)

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