Belly Dance for Exercise FAQs

What is Belly Dance for Exercise?

Belly Dance may look effortless but to achieve the look requires physical effort. This class takes some of that training as an exercise regime. Some movements work the abs, others the arms and others the legs. Belly Dance technique will be taught (no previous experience needed) but the emphasis is on fun and fitness rather than perfect technique, musicality or performance. Each week you will work on a couple of belly dance moves and then put them in a simple combination which you can drill to music. About half of the class will include belly dance travelling steps.

Where are the classes?

These classes are offered are part of the Risingholme program and are held at 99 Hawford Road, Opawa, Christchurch.

When are the classes?


All courses run for 8 weeks.

Term 1
Thursdays 6-7pm started February

Term 2
Thursdays 6-7pm starting 11 May

Term 4
Thursdays 6-7pm starting 19 October

How much are the classes?

These classes are offered are part of the Risingholme program and are $75 for 8 weeks.

What if I want a more "belly dance" course?

There are two main belly dance beginner courses on offer. Introduction to Belly Dance is an 8-week (10-hour) course that teaches technique and also gives a background to belly dance (what it is - and isn't - videos of different styles of belly dance and famous belly dancers - introduction to veil and also folk styles).

Belly Dance Basics is slightly more casual and can be attended as a drop-in class if required. Each week concentrates on a different movement family and mixes drills, travelling steps and combinations.

Students with belly dance experience can go on to a series of Next Steps classes if they wish. These develop belly dance skills through choreography and drills.


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