Class and Workshop Prices

Belly Dance Basics (1 hour)
No current classes - ask about a special
Mini term (4 consecutive weeks)
Group (up to 10 people) for 4 weeks (South Brighton)
(add travel and hall hire for elsewhere)
Drop in class (South Brighton)
Drop in class (elsewhere)

Introduction to Belly Dance
(75 minutes)

Join a belly dance class

Full course: 8 75-minute classes
     Early Bird - fully paid two days before course starts
     Fully paid on the first day of course
     Friends' Discount two people pre-registered
Drop in class (not always available)

(75 minutes)
For those with some experience
8 week term (one class per week)
No refunds or hold overs to next term
5 75-minute classes (to be taken within 10 weeks)
Can mix and match NextStep classes
Drop in (not always available)


Private Class
(Prices are for contact time. Special preparation will be an additional charge)
1 hour for 1 person
1 hour for 2 people
1 hour for 3 people
1 hour for 4 people
Private Class Intro catch-up - if paid for full course (limited availability) $15
Saturday Special 4 1-hour classes
Group (up to 10 people) for 4 weeks
Workshop 1 hour of contact time
(plus expenses)

Please note, there are no EFTPOS or credit card facilties available.

Direct transfers can be made to 38 9003 0698548 00. Please include your name as a reference and email Kashmir.

Refund Policy:

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