Belly Raqs® Classes with Kashmir

Real Belly Dance

Kashmir teaches real belly dance - that is the dance based around torso and hips that came from the Middle East. She does not teach creative dance, jazz, Hula, seduction or stripping in her belly dance classes.

In Kashmir's belly dance classes you will learn not only to move your hips but to shimmy, layer and interpret the music in a way sympathetic to the Middle Eastern aesthetic. You will become an instrument which makes the music visible.

Experienced Teacher

Kashmir has been studying Middle Eastern Dance since 1991. In addition to other workshops, every year since 1997, she has attended an intensive with a Master Egyptian dance teacher of 4-8 full days. Her speciality is Egyptian style beledi and folk, but she performs and teaches a range of belly dance styles. More on Kashmir's dance training.

Kashmir has been teaching belly dance since 1997. She has a background as a High School teacher and IT trainer So is familiar with designing courses and adjusting them to the student's needs. In 2003 she also obtained her Certificate in Dance Teaching from the Queensland University of Technology.

Kashmir has put in further study in Safe Dance Practices (anatomy and dance kinesiology) which she uses in her classes.

To fill out the cultural background, Kashmir has studied Arabic and travelled to Egypt.

Kashmir has served five years on the MEDANZ committee - including two terms as President. The association granted her a Lifetime Membership in recognition of her services in 2012.

Small Classes

Kashmir's normal classes are 4-10 students. This allows individual attention and a safer and more effective learning environment.

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